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Background to the project

The database is the earliest major project of the University of Sheffield's Bakhtin Centre. It is a continuation of the bibliographical work begun in 1983 with the first edition of the Bakhtin Newsletter.

Its aim is to provide a representative listing of works by and about members of the Bakhtin Circle. At present it is far from complete, and contains few items published since 1998. Nevertheless, the database remains an extremely helpful research tool for all scholars with a serious interest in Bakhtin and his Circle.

The project director at Sheffield is David Shepherd, Director of the Bakhtin Centre and Professor of Russian in the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies; the Research Assistant to the project during the period 1994-1998 was Carol Adlam, whose post was funded by the University's New Academic Developments Fund.

The database has greatly facilitated research at Sheffield and elsewhere on the reception of Bakhtin, most notably Karine Zbinden's PhD thesis on `Cross-cultural Transmission of the Works of Mikhail Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle' (2001). It also led directly to the publication of The Annotated Bakhtin Bibliography, edited by Carol Adlam and David Shepherd (London: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2000).