New Political Spaces

Black and White Photo of People Protesting At Rally

Carried out by Dr Matthew Wood and funded by the ESRC, the New Political Spaces ran fom 2015 to 2018. This project sought to understand and explain the best ways for autonomous, expert public bodies to engage with the public, in the UK and at the European level. It involved collecting interview and survey data about how agencies engage with their stakeholders, and the impacts on their reputation and broader legitimacy. The project also involved collating new datasets of agencies and their relationship with politicians and public stakeholders. The project involved close collaboration and co-production of research questions and data with agencies and professional bodies.

Outputs are still emerging from the project, but the most significant academic ones include an article in the European Journal of Political Research and book with Cambridge University Press.

Dr Wood also presented findings at the 2018 European Food Safety Agency scientific conference, and held a two-day workshop in Sheffield with international academic collaborators and officials in a range of relevant policy makers from the UK Cabinet Office, OECD and Institute for Government.