Professor Elizabeth Ann Wood, BA (Hons), PGCE, Certificate in the Advanced Study of Education, MEd, PhD

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I teach on the MA ECE Distance Learning programme, and on the EdD Part 1 strands in Education Studies and Early Childhood Education.

I supervise EdD and PhD students from many countries, and have supervised around 20 doctoral students to completion.



My research focuses mainly on early childhood and primary education, with specific interests in play and pedagogy; curriculum and assessment in ECE; teachers’ professionalism and professional knowledge; policy analysis and critique. My work on play has international reach and influence, and I am Visiting Professor at the University of Auckland, and Australian Catholic University Melbourne.

With colleagues in Australian Catholic University and Monash University I am currently researching the ways in which children are blending digital and traditional play, and the implications for curriculum and pedagogy. I am a Co-Investigator (with Dr Liz Chesworth, Principal Investigator, and Dr Sharon Curtis) on a project funded by the Froebel Trust on understanding the relationships between children’s interests, play and pedagogy in a multi-diverse early childhood setting. Another project, also with colleagues in Australian Catholic University and Monash University, focuses on how early childhood practitioners develop leadership of practice.

I have worked with a range of European organisations and I have provided policy and practice guidance to governments (England, Switzerland, Ireland) on play, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. My work has influenced the development of Aistear, the early childhood framework in Ireland, and I have worked with the National Union of Teachers on developing guidance for play.



Recent Funded Projects

  • 2017-18 Understanding practitioners’ curriculum decision-making to support complexity in children’s play in
    a super-diverse pre-school setting. Froebel Trust Liz Chesworth (PI), Elizabeth Wood (Co-I) £57,000
  • 2017-2020 Learning-rich leadership for quality improvement in early education, (EAW Partner Investigator with Joce Nuttall and Linda Evans (Chief Investigators)(Australian Catholic University and Monash University) $AUD 518,683.
  • 2015-17 Teachers’ knowledge of children’s digital play, Australian Research Council, $AU 275,000, (EAW CPartner Investigator with Susan Edwards and Joce Nuttall, (Principal Investigators, Australian Catholic University), Susan Grieshaber, (Monash University).
  • 2015-16 How Initial teacher Education prepares student teachers for teaching about diversity in the
    classroom. PPMI, 72,000 Euros.
  • 2013-14 Videogames Research Networking: Developing videogames and play for hospitalised children, Arts and Humanities Research Council (Elizabeth Wood PI, Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice Co-I) £26,000
  • 2013 Evaluation ‘Made in Sheffield’, University of Sheffield and Master Cutlers £10,000 (with Dr Sabine Little)


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