Prof. David Curtis

MEng (hons), PhD

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)

Professor of Subtractive Manufacturing

David Curtis
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Prof. David Curtis
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
Factory of the Future, Advanced Manufacturing Park
Wallis Way, Catcliffe
S60 5TZ

In 2005, David completed a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK, which included a Year in Industry placement. Upon completion he remained in Birmingham and studied for a PhD funded by EPSRC, Rolls-Royce and other industrial partners. His research concerned the application of point grinding technology for the production of aeroengine disc features.

David is currently the Professor for Subtractive Manufacturing within the AMRC and is based out of the Machining Group. Since joining in 2009, he has progressed from a Project Engineer through to Technical Fellow in key functions. He has led or played a key role in the development of independent research areas including: Abrasive Machining; Emerging Machining Technology; Machining Science; Aerofoil and Gear Manufacturing Technology. He also leads activity within the AMRC on the machining of Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) materials, focusing on translational research which takes Machining Science fundamentals into an industrial context.

David has an extensive applied research portfolio centred around Aeroengine, Aerostructure and Transmission commodities. His work applies current technology for immediate exploitation and works towards developing fundamental capability into exploitable outputs across UK manufacturers. He is also the AMRC Co-Director for the EPSRC CDT in Machining Science (IDC in Machining Science).


MEng (hons) in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Research interests

David’s research interests include: Subtractive Processes (cutting, abrasive, hybrid, physical), Subtractive Technology (materials, near net shape, sustainability, digital, zero defect, machines) and Subtractive Implementation (alignment to industrial needs, maturing manufacturing capability, supply chain resilience, workforce and skills). In an academic perspective, his specific research areas include abrasive processes, micro machining, ceramic matrix composites and the subtractive manufacturing of advanced materials.


Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


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