National Metals Technology Centre - NAMTEC

Information about the metals research arm of the AMRC.


In 2012, the National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC) became an integral part of the University of Sheffield AMRC, building on its years of dedicated service to the UK's manufacturing supply chain.

As the metals research arm of the AMRC, NAMTEC's focus in powder metallurgy is at the forefront of advancing materials and processes for metal additive manufacturing.

Our team is engaged in pioneering research across two key areas:

  • Powder characterisation: understanding the materials to help predict and control their performance in powder metallurgy processes
  • Powder metallurgy processing technologies: exploring and optimising the capabilities of powder bed and blown powder additive manufacturing powders

Additionally, our Microscopy Laboratory is a UKAS accredited testing facility for studying the effects of manufacturing processes on the surface integrity of materials.

For more information about NAMTEC, please contact: