The Education Awards 2023

The Education Awards celebrate excellent practice in learning and teaching. Find out about the award categories and this year's winning and highly commended nominees.


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The Education Awards recognises and celebrates excellent practice in learning and teaching. The awards are jointly run by the University of Sheffield and the Students’ Union.

This year's Education Awards celebration event took place on 17 May 2023. Nominations were open for staff or students who teach and those who have made significant contributions to education at the University.

This scheme replaced the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Learning and Teaching. View the award winners from 2022 (Staff hub login required).

Award categories and winners

There were 12 award categories for the Education Awards 2023. Several offered a staff award and a student award.

Teaching Practice

Staff whose approach to teaching, assessment and feedback had a significant impact on inspiring student learning.

Lisa Bradley and Polly Rippon (School of Journalism, Media and Communication)

Highly commended:
Dr Panayiota Julie Alevizou (Management School)
Dr Lauren Powell (School of Education)
Dr Mahmoud Masoud (Department of Electronic and Electrical)
Yvonne Illsley (School of Journalism, Media and Communication)
Professor Nick Williams with Professor Iain Coldham and Professor Joseph Harrity (Department of Chemistry)
Professor Vik Dhillon (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Teaching Practice (PGR students who teach)

PGR students who teach whose approach to teaching had a significant impact on inspiring student learning.

Poppy Jeffries (School of Mathematics and Statistics)

Highly commended:
Mo O’Neill (School of English)
Stephen Wilson (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Ann-marie Thomas (Management School)
Jean-Claude Kayumba (School of Journalism, Media and Communication)

Inclusivity and Diversity in Education

Staff and students who have played an important role in creating inclusive learning environments where all students feel valued and included.

Staff winner:
Dr Candice Majewski (Department of  Mechanical Engineering)

Staff highly commended:
Clare Rishbeth (Department of Landscape Architecture)
Sarah Peacock (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
Dr Eric Olund (Department of Geography)
DiCE Project team: Professor Rachel Horn, Professor Genevieve Langdon, Professor Joan Cordiner, Professor Heidi Christensen, Dr Rachel Smith, Jo Marriott, Laura Maltman, Dr Jessica Baily, Liz Taylor, Simon Cooke, Molly Jervis; with Dr Candice Majewski, Laura Neasmith and Pete Mylon (Faculty of Engineering)
Deborah Beck (Faculty of Science)

Student winner:
Carlos Andre Marques Pestana (Academic Unit of Medical Education)

Students highly commended:
Sylvana West (Department of Psychology)

Building Communities in Education

Staff and students who have established effective learning communities which have had a demonstrable impact on student / staff learning. 

Staff winner:
Dr Rhiânan Ellis and Dr Alicia Forsberg (Department of Psychology)

Staff highly commended:
Deborah Beck (Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures)
Megan Ayres (Department of Urban Studies and Planning)
Lisa Bradley (School of Journalism, Media and Communication)
Sophie Banbury (Management School)

Student winner:
Ioanna Kalospyrou (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Students highly commended:
John Mosuela (Department of Civil and Structural Engineering)
Naimur Rahman (Department of Civil and Structural Engineering)
University of Sheffield Planning Society: Jasmine Loades-Allmond, Naomi Parker, Eva Jaseemuddeen, Courtney Wood, Hazel Atkinson, Nicole Ferraris, Hanae Soma, Kylian Lemarechal (Department of Urban Studies and Planning)

Leadership in Education

Staff who have worked effectively with others to influence and bring about change in education.

Staff winner:
Dr Asha Akram (Department of Psychology)

Highly commended:
Dr Jennifer Burnham (Department of Chemistry)
Professor Rachel Horn (Department of Civil and Structural Engineering)
Dr Jo Padmore (Management School)
Dr Tom Anderson (Department of Chemistry)

Doctoral Supervision

Staff who offer supervision, formal or informal, that has had a significant impact on supporting doctoral students towards becoming independent researchers.

Dr Anna Topakas (Management School)

Highly commended:
Dr Iwan Evans (Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease)
Dr Kristin Hildenbrand (Management School)
Professor Hossein Olya (Management School)
Professor Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen (School of Mathematics and Statistics)

Student Academic Representation

Academic student representatives who have worked effectively in their departments to represent the views of their peers and inform or bring about change.

Sylvana West (Department of Psychology)

Highly commended:
Tom Allan and Jasmine Loades-Allmond (Department of Urban Studies and Planning)
Pooja Patel (Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease)
Hannah Dunn (Health Sciences School)
Abigail Newton and Don Wijesooriya (School of Education)

Academic Tutoring

Staff who provide ongoing academic support that has had a significant impact on students being able to engage with their learning as well as their academic and personal development.

Dr Penelope Watt (School of Biosciences)

Highly commended:
Dr Emma Hughes (School of Biosciences)
Dr Richard Bruce (Management School)
Alison Grasmeder (School of Education)
Hayley Rennie (Disability and Dyslexia Support Service)

Student-staff Partnership and Co-production in Education

Dr Sabine Little and the student partners Esther Airemionkhale, Izabela Parzych, Emily Rimmer, Samya Saddiq, Maira Klyshbekova, Wenjun Xu, Wenxi (Sherly) Ji (School of Education)

Highly commended:
Professor Caitlin Buck, Lewis Bulled (student), James Christian (student), Margo Sulek (student) (School of Mathematics and Statistics)
AUME LGBTQ+ Working Group: Carlos Marques Pestana (Student Chair), Dr Joanne Thompson (Staff Chair). Student members: Maciej Gajda, Natasha Gage, Saima Ahmed; Staff Members: Martin Hague, Dr Julian Burton, Brigitte Delaney, Lizz Lidbury, Dr Alastair Graham, Fran Parsons, Casey Smallwood, Fiona Pembridge and Katy Owen (Academic Unit of Medical Education)
Taiba Yasseen, Ella Riley, Nathalia L Allen-Hernandez, Zoe ZF Rubins, John Harvey (Academic Unit of Medical Education)
Sara Pearman (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Peer Teaching and Mentoring

Staff and students who have provided peer teaching and/or mentoring which has had a significant impact on student or staff learning. 

Staff winner:
Dr Bianca Sala (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Staff highly commended:
Lydia Castelli (Department of Neuroscience);
Dr Michael Trikić (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

Student winner:
Suhail Nuruddin Bin Raihan (Academic Unit of Medical Education)

Education for Sustainable Development

Staff who have made a significant contribution to embedding education for sustainable development within their programme(s).

Dr Sara Vannini (Information School)

Highly commended:
Dr Andrea Zappalaglio (School of Law)
Professor Anthony Ryan, Professor Jane Grasby, Dr David Williams, Dr Lance Twyman, Professor Jim Thomas, Dr Robert Dawson, Dr Ahmed Iraqi, Dr Marco Conte (Department of Chemistry)

Digital Innovation in Education

Staff and students who have used digital learning tools to support students learning in innovative ways.

Staff winner:
Dr Alex Best (School of Mathematics and Statistics)

Staff highly commended:
Daniel Villalba Algas (Department of Politics and International Relations/Sociological Studies)
Loo Yeo (Management School)
Dr Hannah Hirst, Professor Sara Fovargue, Professor Dawn Watkins (School of Law)

Student winner:
Chung Ming Yau (Department of Landscape Architecture)

Sharing good practice

Colleagues whose good practice was highlighted through the nomination process will be invited to share their work through Elevate. Depending on the nomination, this could include written case studies, blog posts, and showcase or networking events.

Find out more about how Elevate shares good practice (Staff hub login required)

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