Neoclassical Sheffield Audio Trail

Part of the Festival of The Mind

Download the Neoclassical Sheffield mp3 audio trail and copy it to your mp3 player, iPod, iPad or mobile phone to explore Sheffield’s classically-inspired buildings of the city centre.

Discover how Athens’ Parthenon and Italian Renaissance palaces inspired Sheffield’s architects. Find out why some of the city’s most famous buildings have towering columns, two elephants and a man holding an asp. Meet Titans and water gods – one wearing a fish.You’ll also visit Sheffield’s lost telephone exchange, Victorian water and gas companies, hidden chapels, old schools and self-important banks.

The trail features the voices of Dr Maureen Carroll and Dr Jane Rempel, of the Department of Archaeology, and BBC Radio Sheffield's Rony Robinson.

You can click on an individual mp3 link to listen or download each track. Or, download the zip file which is the mp3 album of the whole trail.

There is also a map to print. Click here to download Neoclassical Sheffield Audio Trail Map.pdf.

01 Neoclassical Mount Zion

02 Sheffield Waterworks

03 City Hall

04 Central Schools

05 Steel City House

06 Cutlers Hall

07 Sheffield Gas Light Co

08 Upper Chapel

09 Central Library

10 Other Places

Neoclassical Sheffield Audio Trail (Zip file 21MB)

A teacher’s guide for class-based lessons and field visits

This guide (PDF, 5.04MB) is for teachers in history, art or architectural studies to download and print. It can be used for class-based lessons or as a guide for field visits. The buildings can be visited individually or on a walking tour. An itinerary is suggested.

Click here to download. Neoclassical Sheffield Teachers Guide.pdf