Cemeteries and Settlements in North Lincolnshire, c.700-1100

Project outline

This research project explores the development of Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery organisation, with sk5particular reference to the comparatively understudied 8th to 11th centuries.This period saw the creation of nucleated villages, and the crystallisation of the medieval system of parish churches and cemetery provision.

Yet despite being widely recognised as a formative period in the ecclesiastical and settlement history of England, relatively few studies have specifically explored cemeteries and settlements of this period, and hardly any have explored settlements and cemeteries in tandem.

This project, thus, marks an important contribution to national debates, and is timely in the context of the on-going major study of settlement development in the south-east midlands at the University of Leicester (the Whittlewood project), and the publication of recent reviews of Anglo-Saxon cemetery development (e.g. S. Lucy & A. Reynolds, eds, Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales).

The study region is north Lincolnshire. A number of nationally important Anglo-Saxon sites of the appropriate date have been excavated in the region (e.g. a high status/monastic mid-late Anglo-Saxon site at Flixborough; and in Barton-upon-Humber the 6th/7th Castledyke cemetery and 10thcentury cemetery and church of St Peter´s). There have also been several previous smaller-scale excavations of relevant sites (e.g. a late Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Barrow-upon-Humber; a mid-Anglo-Saxon settlement site at West Halton), and extensive field walking programmes are being undertaken (largely coordinated by North Lincolnshire Museum)

Material excavated previously, but not studied in detail has been subjected to recent analysis as part of this project (in particular, Anglo-Saxon pottery has been identified and dated and radiocarbon dates have been acquired from human skeletal remains). Finally, the region also offers the potential for conducting new excavations. By bringing together all of this material it is hoped that new light can be thrown on the development of settlements and cemeteries in the later Anglo-Saxon period.

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Project overview

Great Hale

Report published in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology


Report published in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (2001)

Report published in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (2002)