Our students leave university highly skilled, with an understanding of how individuals and societies function, and a strong sense of self.


Careers our students go into

As well as becoming experts in their chosen topics, students from the School of History, Philosophy and Digital Humanities develop analysis, presentation, teamwork and research skills, as well as the capacity to understand the views of others and to convincingly defend their own.

It is these skills that are needed to tackle some of today’s (and tomorrow’s) most challenging issues. From AI, to climate change and political and economic policy, graduates from disciplines such as history, philosophy and digital humanities will be essential in driving the solutions to these issues.

While you might think of careers within sectors such as local government, policy, charities and arts and cultures, due to the variety of skills gained, students end up working across all sorts of sectors, including fields such as finance and engineering. 

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"55% of global leaders are Arts & Humanities and Social Science graduates"

The British Academy, ‘Understanding the career paths of AHSS graduates in the UK and their contribution to the economy

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Careers by course

Learn more about what careers you can pursue with your specific degree:

Digital humanities careers

History careers

Philosophy careers

Employability Hubs

The Jessop West Employability and Placements Hub is in the heart of the Arts and Humanities community. It is managed by Student Ambassadors with a wide range of lived experiences in the world of student employability.

Open from 10am to 3pm every weekday during term time, the Hub can offer you initial career support, signposting, as well as the opportunity to hear about the Student Ambassadors’ work experiences. Simply drop in to have a chat!


Our students have access to a range of placement opportunities. Apply the knowledge you’ve already gained during your degree to real-world situations, and stand out from the crowd.

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Further study

Take your degree to the next level with further study - whether you’re an undergraduate student wanting to pursue an MA in your chosen topic, or a postgraduate student seeking PhD opportunities.

Our postgraduate courses

The value of an Arts and Humanities degree

The evidence of the value of Arts and Humanities degrees is compelling. Here at the University of Sheffield, we are highlighting how our highly skilled graduates are equipped to tackle current issues with the skills, knowledge and understanding they gain in teaching underpinned by our impactful research.

"Our graduates have an unparalleled understanding of human beings, of society, of how we communicate, of how we feel about things."

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International scholarships

We offer a generous package of financial support for international students, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught scholarships towards the annual tuition fee. Applications are open for existing offer holders.