The value of an Arts and Humanities degree

Arts and Humanities degrees produce graduates who go on to have meaningful careers and a strong sense of self. Learning from our academic community who produce impactful research allowing us to contribute to the wider understanding of individuals and societies at a local and global level.

"55% of global leaders are Arts & Humanities and Social Science graduates"

The British Academy, ‘Understanding the career paths of AHSS graduates in the UK and their contribution to the economy

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Making the case

The evidence of the value of Arts and Humanities degrees is compelling. Here at the University of Sheffield, we are highlighting how our highly skilled graduates are equipped to tackle current issues with the skills, knowledge and understanding they gain in teaching underpinned by our impactful research.

Making the case

Arts and Humanities are essential for society

From global leaders to drivers of change, Arts and Humanities graduates leave University prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

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Graduates gain essential skills and knowledge

It's not only society that benefits from Arts and Humanities graduates, the individuals themselves leave university with a well rounded set of skills and a sense of self and purpose. This unique combination creates active citizens who often embark on meaningful careers with impact.

Communication skills, ethical thinking and flexibility

"These subjects give us the tools to examine and explain human behaviour, understand how society functions, learn from the past and apply those lessons to the present, and analyse the drivers and implications of a changing world and how different countries, places and cultures interact."

The British Academy, ‘Qualified for the Future: quantifying demand for the arts, humanities and social science skills

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No form of education is a rip-off

"In a world where education holds the key to success, the 'rip-off degrees' narrative risks stifling potential."

Professor Mary Vincent, Vice President for Education

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Arts and Humanities and interdisciplinary research

Our research is changing lives. The high quality research that takes place across the Faculty explores what makes us human through the study of languages, cultures, histories and ideas. 

Also, discover how Arts and Humanities research intersects with the likes of tech, engineering and science research in some of our interdisciplinary research projects.


Standing out from the crowd

With access to a range of placement opportunities, our students can apply the knowledge you’ve already gained during your degree to real-world situations, and stand out from the crowd.

Find out what's on offer and hear from our students.

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