Making the case

The evidence of the value of Arts and Humanities degrees is compelling. Here at the University of Sheffield, we are highlighting how our graduates are equipped to tackle current issues with the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in teaching underpinned by our impactful research.

A photo of Professor Mary Vincent smiling at the camera

Arts and Humanities degrees produce graduates who go on to have meaningful careers with impact. Through innovative teaching, our graduates also leave university with a sense of self and purpose after spending their years exploring what makes us human through the study of languages, cultures, histories and ideas. Learning from our academic community, which produces impactful research (both within our disciplines and in a collaborative, interdisciplinary way) allows Arts and Humanities graduates to contribute to the wider understanding of individuals and societies at a local and global level.

Mary Vincent, Director of Education at Sheffield University (and an Arts and Humanities graduate herself), has written a piece highlighting the need for degrees like those from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

Whether it’s applied sciences or humanities, university students discover how to approach problems, respond to large amounts of data, and frame questions so they learn the most from the answers. We need a broad knowledge base for our economy: even engineering firms don’t only employ engineers.​​​​

Professor Mary Vincent, Vice President for Education

‘No form of education is a rip off: The crackdown should be on narratives that it is’

The evidence of the value of Arts and Humanities degrees is compelling, and this campaign will seek to pull out some of the research which counters the current government rhetoric, demonstrating that Arts and Humanities degrees produce a generation of highly skilled, flexible, resilient workers who are essential to tackling the current issues our society faces. We will also be sharing case studies from students, staff and employers, exhibiting first-hand experiences of the benefits of Arts and Humanities degrees.

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