What can I do with my History degree?


“The skills and expertise you will develop whilst studying the University of Sheffield will open a complete array of opportunities in varied and interesting careers.”

Jamie Inkles

BA History

History may become the focal point of your career - for example, if you are interested in teaching, academia or heritage work - or maybe you will use the range of skills and experience you gain during your degree to follow a different path.

Our graduates have gone on to become:

  • lawyers
  • marketing executives
  • civil servants
  • accountants
  • management consultants
  • university lecturers
  • archivists
  • librarians
  • staff in museums, tourism and the heritage industry

“Obviously, history is an essay writing subject. So I've really taken the ability to form a strong line of argument.”

Florence Williamson

BA History and Politics

Our alumni

HST - Joe Bear Thumbnail for alumni video profile

In terms of the skills and experience that I gained through my degrees and how they helped me, there's a lot

Joe Bear BA History; MA Historical Research

Joe Bear discusses the skills that both his BA and MA degrees gave him, as well as his experiences as a Student Ambassador. He highlights how they are now helping him in his current role within public affairs.

Photo of Florence Williamson

One of the most valuable things I learned from studying history was the ability to contextualise why things matter

Florence Williamson BA History & Politics; MA Global History

Florence Williamson tells us about the skills she developed whilst studying for a BA and MA with us. She also explains what her role as a Press Officer within the Crown Prosecution involves.

Photo of Jamie Inkles

I fell in love - the vibrancy of campus, the breadth of modules on offer, and a consistent first-place ranking for the Student Union

Jamie Inkles BA History

Jamie Inkles discusses how a deferred year after school gave him time to consider his options, and decide studying History at Sheffield was what he really wanted to do. He also explains what his role as a Policy Analyst at the Cystic Fibrosis Trusty involves.

Meet our alumni

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