You'll find all the tools you need here, including dedicated design studios with panoramic views over Sheffield and specialised architecture resources.

Architecture studios on floor 18

The Sheffield School of Architecture is located in the Arts Tower where the majority of teaching takes place. Lectures may be located in central teaching spaces and students can also take advantage of facilities across the campus including our Print and Make workshop. 

Our studio culture provides a space for students to develop their own design approach within the frameworks. In our undergraduate programmes, material taught in lecture courses is brought into studio projects, where tutors and practising architects help guide the design process. Our postgraduate taught masters and MArch students work on studio projects which build on the strengths and research interests of our design tutors.

Print and Make Workshop

Our Make workshop facility offers a range of equipment for modelling and fabrication with a range of materials. There's a comprehensive range of equipment and staff are on site to offer advice and assistance. The workshop offers a well-stocked shop which sells modelling materials.

The Make workshop on Instagram

The Print Unit offers a range of printing, scanning and binding facilities up to A0 in size. There is also the opportunity for students to take advantage of 3D printing of models from digital files.

Information technology

The computer lab is for architecture students and the PCs host a suite of professional BIM, CAD and design software.

Media unit

In the Media Unit, you will find a full range of audio, visual and environmental equipment. This includes an artificial sky for daylight simulation, heliodon for sunlight simulation, environmental meters, thermal imaging camera and mixed reality imaging suite.

A photography studio is also available for model photography and we offer a fully equipped digital review space.