Studio Collaborative Production


Studio lead: Dan Jary

Studio Collaborators

  • Steve Pool, Poly-Technic
  • Graham Bostock, Emmaus
  • Rob Cotterell, SADACCA
  • Ibtisam Alfarah, DEWA
  • Cat Watton, Sustrans
  • Alastair Parvin, Open Systems Lab
  • Calum Green, London CLT
  • Carl Fraser, Situation Architecture
  • Mark Parsons, Studio Polpo
  • Darren Robinson, SSoA
  • Luis Hernan, SSoA

The studio proposes the creation of a sustainable urban neighbourhood in Sheffield, exploring alternative political, economic and land ownership models better able to address the urgent global challenges of climate change and social inequality.

The studio’s focus has been on the Wicker, an area just to the north-east of Sheffield city centre, which serves as a gateway to the industrial east of Sheffield. Students worked collectively to develop a shared strategy, reimagining the Wicker as an environmentally sustainable and socially dynamic urban neighbourhood.

Individual projects seek to maximise the use of existing buildings and infrastructure, working with and enhancing the area’s historic character and rich cultural heritage. Taken together the proposals create an architecture which enriches people’s lives, is socially inclusive and is protective of the environment.

Four students laughing while sat at a bench, outside the Students' Union

International scholarships

We offer a generous package of financial support for international students, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught scholarships towards the annual tuition fee. Applications are open for existing offer holders.