Studio Intergenerational Architecture

Studio lead: Satwinder Samra


We will investigate how we can design and evolve an appropriate architectural response for our current and future intergenerational demographic. This will include exploring environments for play, education, living and healthcare.

As healthcare and well -being has improved so has the ability to live longer. We shall explore the inevitable environments that exist for the young and the old and explore if these can be improved.

 As we move towards depleting energy supplies and decreasing capital we will endeavour to be resourceful in both our processes and outputs. We will aim to ensure that we develop a mutual and collective approach in all our work. This will encourage you to be mindful and reflective towards achieving a healthy and productive work/life balance.

We will build upon ideas developed in the Pleasure and Austerity studio, Ageing and Architecture studio and Intergenerational Architecture studio. Locations for your work will relate to one of the following: 1. Sites in Rotherham and/or Southwark London. 2. Sites within a 5-mile radius of where you are physically living. 3. Sites from the Historic England buildings at risk register. All of these will allow us to be contingent and responsive, capitalising on existing knowledge (either your own or that of others).

  • We will realise that architectural speculation and production can co-exist.
  • We aim to develop multiple working methods that can expand the true spatial potential of your endeavours.
  • We shall be canny and agile in deciding how we work and what we focus on
  • We shall openly discuss why being original isn’t helpful.
  • We will realise that good ideas can only exist if they are shared and communicated.
  • We will view the technical through material and poetic engagement.
  • We will aim to enjoy the process of producing architecture of merit.