Studio Resilient Futures

Sarajevo 1992-2050; A Laboratory for Resilience against Global Crises

Studio lead: Lucy Dinnen


It is 29 years since the start of the Siege of Sarajevo, and 29 years until 2050, a notional idea of ‘future’ and the EU’s climate neutral deadline.

Sarajevo is our starting point again this year; learning from the extraordinary civilian lead resistance in The Siege (1992-1996).  We will investigate how ordinary civilians and architects overcame scarcity by inventing and up-cycling resourceful, transient, covert and often surreal tools, architectural interventions and urban infrastructures for survival. 

We will create and imagine new architectures of resilience against the local and global crises facing the City today, as well as predicting future crises and trends: political division, global warming, water shortage, waste mountains, air pollution, flooding, unregulated development, social injustice, erasure of public space and Covid-19. 

We will draw Sarajevo in relation to its current and future environmental and social crises.  Developing individual and collaborative propositions through collage, drawing, and modelling, to create an ‘Exquisite Corpse’ of diverse propositions, allowing space for multiple visions of resilient futures to co-exist.

 Throughout the year we will work at various scales; from the ‘Device’ to Buildings and the City, in both past and future. Each student will explore their own personal interests, and techniques of drawing and modelling. Inventing ad-hoc visionary devices, either drawn or made, as manifestos for resilience. Using speculative drawing games and narratives; imagining futures in which to site our projects. Real, fictional or semi-fictional. 

As agents we will have a Residency in the City.  We will engage in a hyper-state of being both in Sarajevo, and in Sheffield. Developing and using the Studios growing digital archive and website for our collective and individual explorations. We will use our energy and opportunity in the pandemic as architect activists to be a presence in the City.