Civic Delight


Studio Tutor: Kate Nicklin

How can we build differently? 

We are interested in how buildings are made. We will be considering the specifics of materiality and construction - thinking through making at a 1:1 scale, with the ambition of making architecture that is civic, sustainable and provides delight. We will be focusing on the use of bio-circular low-embodied carbon materials and how these materials can be used with passive strategies to make sustainable buildings in a dense urban context. 

Our studio is interested in what it means to work in a city and how new projects can work as a catalyst for change. We base ourselves in the Northern urban fringe of Sheffield City Centre, an area which has seen an explosion in development and change within the last 10 years. 

Targeted by developers for potential high profit returns, this part of the city has seen the most financial investment in the city, but is shaped only with profit margins in mind. 

Historically this area has been occupied by a mix of small and medium scale industry, homes and businesses. This is now being rapidly replaced by high-rise, low-quality, short term rented accommodation - housing determined by spreadsheet; without consideration on quality of life, creating or retaining communities, or connecting to the city as a whole.

The studio is committed to working within the existing situation, addressing critical questions being asked of the profession today. In response to this the projects that emerge from the studio aim to be realistic, deliverable, and interventional - whilst remaining radical, creative and humane. 

This year we will be specifically designing projects that engage with ways of living or working in the city, civic in attitude not necessarily in function.

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International scholarships

We offer a generous package of financial support for international students, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught scholarships towards the annual tuition fee. Applications are open for existing offer holders.