Year in practice


The Year in Practice (YIP) comprises one or more years of employment within architecture (or a related construction industry profession) following the completion of a Part 1 accredited undergraduate degree. During the Year in practice you should be doing the kinds of work typically done by an architect in practice. This can cover a huge range of tasks and topics which may vary dependent on the size of the practice and the nature of projects being undertaken.

You may choose to work for longer than one year to save money or to gain additional experience. Other options might include taking time out to work in the wider construction industry, work overseas, volunteer or travel.

YiP Arrangements

There is no requirement for Sheffield School of Architecture Part 1 graduates to register for the Year in Practice but you should provide us with your employment details when you start work. An architectural practice should offer you an employment contract and standard contracts are available from the RIBA.

Periodic communications from Sheffield School of Architecture during the Year in Practice will be to your personal email address, so please inform us if this changes.

A ‘Reflection Day’, open to all recent Part 1 graduates, is held annually at Sheffield School of Architecture to share and discuss professional experiences of the Year in Practice.

MArch Entry Requirements

Before commencing our MArch (Part 2) courses, you are typically required to undertake a minimum of 9 months professional experience working in the field of architecture. This will give you time to learn and develop as a designer and offer insight into the wider construction industry. More information on MArch entry requirements is available here.

Stage 1 Professional Experience

The Year in Practice can also contribute, as Stage 1 professional experience, towards your final professional qualification as a UK Architect through completing PEDR (Professional Experience and Development Record) under the supervision of an architect or another qualified construction industry professional.

At this stage, your professional experience in architectural practice can take place anywhere in the world, as long as you are under the direct supervision of an architect registered within the territory where the experience is being undertaken. However, you will also be required to have undertaken a minimum of 12 months practical experience in an EEA member state (including the UK), Channel Island or Isle of Man prior to taking your Part 3 Examination.

YiP Queries

If you have any queries regarding the Year in Practice, please contact:

Sheffield School of Architecture’s Professional Studies Advisor (PSA), Ian Hicklin