9 August 2021

Sheffield School of Architecture Online Exhibition 2021

The Sheffield School of Architecture 2021 Online Exhibition is now online.

2021 Architecture exhibition

The Sheffield School of Architecture 2021 Online Exhibition is now live.

In 2020 we held our first ever online exhibition, due to the uniquely challenging times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're delighted to continue showcasing the excellent achievements, talent and work produced by students of our Undergraduate, MArch, Masters and Postgraduate Research courses.

Alongside the showcase of design projects, we asked our students and staff to share their highlights of the past year, which includes images and videos of student-led initiatives, field trips, online learning and student socials. 

View the online exhibition

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

First-Year Prize in Architecture    

Yiming Zhou

Mohammed Elashry Memorial Prize    

Eliza Yardley

The Evans Vettori First Year Prize    

Nalinee Hanpiyavatanasakul

The West Yorkshire Society of Architects First Year Prize    

Edward Whiteside

Marcus Humphrey-Gaskin Memorial Prize    

Quyen Nguyen

The Evans Vettori Second Year Prize    

Ben Leslie

The West Yorkshire Society of Architects Second Year Prize    

Hannah Roniger

Robert Cawkwell Prize in Architecture    

Olivia Clermont

Mansell Jenkinson Prize in Architecture    

Jakub Wyszomirski

Dr Brian Wragg Prize in Architectural Draughtmanship    

Thomas Matthews

The West Yorkshire Society of Architects Third Year Prize    

Charles Young

MSMR Travel Award    

  • Aayushi Bajwala 
  • Hannah Maxey 

The Evans Vettori Third Year Prize    

Emily Dixon

The BDP Live Project Prize    

South Yorkshire Climate Action Centre:

  •     Phoebe Stevens
  •     Natasha Jackson
  •     Katie Cottle
  •     Xiao Han
  •     Elizabeth Schofield
  •     Qiaochu Yan
  •     Jack Ranby
  •     Madihah Azhar
  •     Joseph Chapman
  •     Peixuan Du
  •     Tsz Long (Oscar)
  •     Kai Gao
  •     Zhen Li
  •     Yue Wang
  •     Yue Zhan

The Trotec Laser Prize    

'Studio in Residence' studio:

  •     Natasha Jackson
  •     Muireann McHugh
  •     Elizabeth Schofield
  •     Lucy Stittle
  •     Sasha Yeap
  •     Sandu Jayasinghe
  •     Tsz Long (Oscar) Lau
  •     Kristie McAreavey
  •     Dovydas Simkus
  •     Connor Tulip
  •     Jiaxin Wu

The Evans Vettori Fifth Year Prize    

Glenn Strachan

The West Yorkshire Society of Architects Fifth Year Prize    

Jamil Dossa

Sir H K Stephenson Travelling Studentship    

Amy Crellin

Sir H K Stephenson Travelling Studentship    

Natasha Jackson

Robert Henry Memorial Prize    

Mohammed Khizr

HLM Design and Management Prize    

  • Sophie Mayer
  • Mimi Barr 

The Evans Vettori Sixth Year Prize    

Joseph Mwaisaka

The West Yorkshire Society of Architects Sixth Year Prize    

Karen Chin

Bryan Jefferson Prize for Excellence in Architecture    

  • Rose Helps 
  • Claire Wilkinson

Stephen Welsh Prize in Architecture for Draughtsmanship    

  • Dovydas Simkus
  • Connor Tulip 

Stephen Welsh Prize in Architecture    

Thomas Cran

J K Page Prize in Environmental Science    

Jack Ranby

Kenneth H Murta Prize in Architecture    

  • Georgina Scott 
  • Eleanor Wells 

School of Architecture Centenary Prize    

Anti-Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action

  •     Aisha Sillah
  •     Aayushi Bajwala
  •     Anu Shemar
  •     Anureena D'Costa

And Connie Pidsley, Emma Carpenter, Jasmin Yeo, Lucie Iredale, Mimi Evans, Sarah Rhule, Aisha Khan.

The Sheffield Society of Architects Prize    


Other awards:  

RIBA Dissertation Prize nomination    

Hannah Maxey

RIBA Yorkshire Prize nomination    

  • Oi Ching Lee
  • Marcus Harding
  • John McGrath
  • Kristie-Lee McAreavey

AJ Student Award    

  • Charles Young
  • Thomas Cran

AJ Sustainability Award    

Students for Climate Action

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