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These pages contain information about the lecturers, tutors and professors whose outstanding teaching and research make the School of Architecture a leader in our field across the UK and internationally.

Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

Below is a list of all our academic and teaching staff at the Sheffield School of Architecture.

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Baker, Simon
University Teacher

Matthew Bradshaw

Bradshaw, Matthew
University Teaching Practitioner

David Britch

Britch, David
Design Tutor

Isabel Britch

Britch, Isabel
Design Tutor

Carolyn Butterworth

Butterworth, Carolyn
Senior University Teacher

Leo Care

Care, Leo
University Teacher

Simon Chadwick

Chadwick, Simon
Senior University Teacher

Wen-Shao Chang

Chang, Dr Wen-Shao
Senior Lecturer

Chris Cheal

Cheal, Dr Chris
Research Associate

Emma Cheatle

Cheatle, Dr Emma
Senior Lecturer

Wei Shan Chia

Chia, Wei Shan
Teaching Associate

Beatrice De Carli

De Carli, Dr Beatrice

Isaiah Durosaiye

Durosaiye, Dr Isaiah
Research Associate

Mark Emms

Emms, Mark
University Teacher

Howard Evans

Evans, Howard
University Teacher

Steve Fotios

Fotios, Prof Steve
Professor of Lighting and Visual Perception

Karim Hadjri

Hadjri, Prof Karim
Head of School

Luis Hernan

Hernan, Dr Luis

Ian Hicklin

Hicklin, Ian
Senior University Teacher

Junjie Huang

Huang, Dr Junjie
Research Associate

Aidan Hoggard

Hoggard, Aidan
University Teacher

Dan Jary

Jary, Dan
Senior University Teacher

Irit Katz

Katz, Dr Irit

Florian Kossak

Kossak, Dr Florian
Senior Lecturer


Lawrence, Dr Ranald

Russell Light

Light, Russell
Senior University Teacher

Jo Lintonbon

Lintonbon, Dr Jo

Krzysztof Nawratek

Nawratek, Dr Krzysztof
Senior Lecturer

Daniel Alonso Paredes-Soto

Paredes-Soto, Dr Daniel Alonso
Research Associate

Mark Parson

Parsons, Mark
Design Tutor

Dr Chengzhi Peng

Peng, Dr Chengzhi
Senior Lecturer

Doina Petrescu

Petrescu, Prof Doina
Professor of Architecture and Design Activism

Maggie Pickles

Pickles, Maggie
Design Tutor

Xiang Ren

Ren, Dr Xiang
Lecturer in Architecture

Chloe Robbins

Robbins, Chloe
Research Associate

Darren Robinson

Robinson, Prof Darren
Professor of Architectural and Urban Sciences

Claudia Lucia Rojas Bernal

Rojas Bernal, Dr Claudia
Lecturer in Urban Design

John Sampson

Sampson, John
Design Tutor

Satwinder Samra

Samra, Satwinder
Senior University Teacher

Sally Shahzad

Shahzad, Dr Sally
Lecturer in Environmental Design

Cith Skelcher

Skelcher, Catherine
University Teacher

Masa Sorn

Šorn, Dr Maša
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Gustavo Sousa

Sousa, Dr Gustavo
Research Fellow

Fionn Stevenson Portrait

Stevenson, Prof Fionn
Professor of Sustainable Design

Paul Testa

Testa, Paul
University Teacher

Renata Tyszczuk

Tyszczuk, Prof Renata
Professor of Architectural Humanities

Jim Uttley

Uttley, Dr Jim

Dr Tsung-Hsien Wang

Wang, Dr Tsung-Hsien

John-Paul Walker

Walker, John-Paul
Design Tutor