David Britch

BA (Hons)

School of Architecture

University Teaching Practitioner

Design Tutor

+44 161 834 2344

Full contact details

David Britch
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

I have been teaching at Sheffield on the undergraduate course for 9 years, I am interested in the use of analogy and literature to develop architectural positions on the city and how we might make meaningful space with it’s context.

I also run my own architectural practice Architects Britch, our work focuses on urban regeneration projects, and conversion of mainly listed buildings.

We are interested in reuse of building not their preservation, best exemplified by our work at the Salford Lads Club where we have been working for 10 years on various projects.

I am also a director of an independent property company WSC which converts redundant buildings, creating, sustainable city based places to live and work.

Research interests

I am interested in the nature of drawing and how it informs our design thinking. This has obvious crossovers between teaching and practice and is something I would like to explore more.

Teaching activities

I deliver a unit in Year 3 on the undergraduate course.

I am a Third associate studio tutor and I see my role as creating stimulating projects that fit within an overall framework for the year. For me it is important that the projects are creative, relevant and engaging to the students.

I enjoy creating briefs that are spatially complex and have a strong visual and theoretical narrative. I think there is a strong relationship between my architectural competition work and the direction of my teaching.

Professional activities and memberships
  • I am a member of the Friends of St Ignatius a local community pressure group trying to save a abandoned Church in Salford.
  • I am also patron of The International III, an independent arts organization that promote emerging artists.
  • I am on the house committee of the Portico Library a private subscription library in Manchester dating form 1802. The building by Thomas Harrison is a unique private library and represents the very best of civic and culture endeavours.