Xiang Ren

Dr Xiang Ren

Lecturer in Architecture

B.Arch, MA (Dist), PhD, FHEA

T: +44 (0)114 222 0345
E: xiang.ren@sheffield.ac.uk

My research and teaching lies in the search for the reinvention of the discipline of architecture from within its own traditions. I aim to construct theories related to the foundations of the domain of architecture, which is rooted in and derived from the works of recent history (Modernism and after) and contemporary architectural design practice.

I graduated with a professional degree in architecture and worked for award-winning practices, before received my PhD and qualified as a Fellow of Higher Education Academy from Sheffield School of Architecture. Prior to joining our School, I lectured in Interior Architecture course at Sheffield Hallam University.

Teaching Activities

I contribute to the research-led teaching in architectural humanities and design at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Sheffield School of Architecture, and I am a member of its prestigious Centre for East-West Studies in Architecture and Landscape.

ARC 125 Architectural Design 1
ARC 126 Architectural Design 2
ARC 204 Humanities 4
ARC 322 Special Studies
ARC 6874 Conservation and Regeneration Principles and Approaches
ARC 6986 Architectural Design Project 1
ARC 6987 Architectural Design Project 2
ARC 6988 Thesis Project

Research Interests

I am interested in form, type, use, structure, composition, material, tectonics, topography, atmosphere and the relationships of these topics with other intellectual disciplinary settings and professional developments from the early Modernism period till nowadays.

I have also maintained a long-time interest in pre-modern architecture and settlements and historical built environment, particularly in East-Asian and Southern European cultural contexts.
My growing interest in social architecture and architectural anthropology was traced in my PhD research, which focused on contemporary socially-engaged architecture and architects in traditional Chinese villages, using case study as the main method, intersecting with social anthropology and design activism methodologically.

I was invited to present in various academic conferences and symposiums including UCD Dublin, KU Leuven Brussels, HKW Berlin, UPC Barcelona, Milano Polytechnic, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

PhD Supervision Interests

  • Architectural history and theory of 20th century, Modernism and after
  • Social and cultural anthropological studies of building and settlement
  • Vernacular, participative and socially-engaged architecture
  • Rapid urbanism and traditional villages
  • Architectural disciplinarily viable knowledge production and dissemination
  • Architectural research practice and design research

No45 HighSchool 2010 ZPark R&D 2012 Clan-Community Hall Design Research 2016


A list of key publications can be found below. For a full list of recent publications please click here.

Journal articles


  • Ren X (2021) A Form of Resistance: A Barefoot-architect’s Own House In Gosseye J & Doucet I (Ed.), Activism at Home: Architects’ Own Dwellings as Sites of Resistance. Leipzig, Germany: Spector Books. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Ren X (2019) Tailor, Mason, Intellectual, Peasant: An Alternative Architect towards Sustainable Regeneration in Rural China In Zuo J (Ed.), Bishan Beijing, China: Chinese National Geography - CITIC Press. RIS download Bibtex download

Dictionary/encyclopaedia entries

  • Ren X (2020) Haobo Wei, Consumption. In Encyclopaedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World (2nd ed). London, UK: Bloomsbury. RIS download Bibtex download