How to apply

Information on how to apply for a postgraduate taught masters course in the School of Architecture.

MSc Digital Architecture and Design students at exhibition

Apply online

Our online application system allows you to complete an application form and upload associated documents.

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Supporting materials

When applying, you will be required to submit the following documents via our online application system. You are not required to send any hard copies to the department.

  • Design portfolio, including a custom assignment
  • Personal statement of 200-300 words which should outline any relevant experience or expertise relating to the course and demonstrate your enthusiasm for this particular subject and the University of Sheffield
  • A CV and two references, with at least one academic
  • Transcript of previous university qualifications, with certified translation into English where appropriate

Please note there is 50MB file limit for all supporting documents

Design portfolio guidance

We have a page with detailed instructions on what to include with your design portfolio

Course-specific information

Depending on which course you are applying for, you should think about showing your skills in the subject area

MA in Architectural Design
  • Short introductory paragraph telling us what inspires you, what challenges you aim to face through the work included in the portfolio and what is your cultural position
  • An understanding of your skills, but also the way you critically look at the complexity of factors determining your individual creative process
  • A variety of techniques such as sketches, diagrams, hand drawings, 3D models, photographs and graphic-design work
  • Excerpts of your written work for example academic dissertation, design or research reports
MA in Urban Design
  • Graphic skills and use or different methods such as hand drawing, technical drawing, diagrams, photomontages, photography and scale models rather than just digital 3D visualisation
  • Self-driven explorations such as non-standard design experiences in workshops or summer schools, particular design themes, interesting design methods and forms of visualisation
  • Work at a variety of scales including building, public space, neighbourhood and landscape
  • The use of diagrams to explore the process of design, rather than focusing exclusively on design outputs
  • Some consideration of the 'human scale' in design and planning proposals, for example through analysis of the future users of an area or the inclusion
MSc in Sustainable Architecture Studies
  • An interest in contextual design issues, whether at the urban or building scale
  • An analytical drawing of site or building vicinity and contextual issues, either existing or proposed
  • A project at a small scale (a room, a dwelling) and one at larger scale (larger non-domestic building, urban scale, infrastructure etc)
  • One portfolio sheet showing precedents of buildings that you studied and that have inspired you in your design approach

MA Architectural Design and MA Urban Design

For MA Architectural Design and MA Urban Design your application will be reviewed by a panel of academic selectors within the School of Architecture. As we receive a large volume of applications, the most being received between November and March, we will review and make decisions in stages.

MSc Sustainable Architecture Studies

For MSc Sustainable Architecture Studies your application will be reviewed by a panel of academic selectors within the School of Architecture. We review these applications on an ongoing basis.