Dannielle 'Jennifer' Kerr

PhD Student


Why did you decide to study a PhD at the Sheffield School of Architecture?

The School has a reputation for research in Architecture. It is embedded in the Faculty of Social Science and given my background in science, design and the arts I believed this would be an expansive experience.

What interests you about your particular area of study?

Architecture is the ideal integrative discipline, so much so that critical areas of its study and practice are more taken for granted than genuinely understood. We have a rich spatial and material tradition but 'time' is equally substantial in conceiving, materialising and living with what we build. 'Time' is typically couched in historical and futurological narratives; my research aims to release 'time' as a design topic by investigating it at a fundamental level. This is very exciting as it involves the development of novel research by design methodologies. Ultimately, the research facilitates structured ways of talking about 'time' for architects and architecture students.

What do you think of the research environment in the School of Architecture?

Sheffield School of Architecture engenders a scholarly ethos with world leading academics and is home to a significant graduate school with a truly international identity. The broader university provides excellent opportunities for a range of experiences valuable to PhD candidates. In particular, I engaged in Sheffield's learning and teaching development programme and now provide teaching support in the school.

What do you think about the support you receive from your supervisors?

Supervision at Sheffield is excellent. There is also a range of resources for study support within the school, faculty and across the university. I benefit from my supervisors, my teaching colleagues, graduate school colleagues, university academic mentoring support, my students and the brilliant technical staff.

What would you say to someone thinking of studying for a PhD in the Sheffield School of Architecture?

If you are striving for excellence and want to join your peers - a great choice. There is real substance to the Sheffield School of Architecture which produces great architects and forges the new knowledge to support this moving forward. A real opportunity to contribute.

What are your plans after you complete?

After completion I am looking to teach in architecture supported by my research and design practice.