Andrew Belfield

School of Architecture

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Andrew Belfield
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Andy is an ESRC funded PhD candidate at Sheffield School of Architecture and co-director of critical design practice public works. His research interests centre around civic pedagogy, civic resilience, climate care and practice-based activist research.

Andy graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2015 with a Masters in Architecture and has recently completed a further MA (Distinction) in Social Research at the Sheffield Methods Institute. Alongside practice-based research he has extensive experience lecturing and teaching across Architecture and Urban design including adjunct and associate lectureships at Umeå University, University of the Arts London and on the Masters of Architecture and Urban Design here at Sheffield.

Research interests

Project title: 

Civic pedagogies: Situated learning for urban transformation

Project outline: 

My research situates the field of civic learning as a practice which is derived from critical pedagogy, public pedagogy and urban education. Civic pedagogies are characterised by their situated mode of learning and the importance of place as the site of civic action. The research hypothesises that civic pedagogies have a radical potential in creating empowered citizens, who can recognise their collective agency to undertake urban transformation. Through practice-based PhD research the research aims to test this potential through new trial civic pedagogies in Poplar, East London. Utilising both Participatory Action Research and co-design methodologies, the research creates a community of practice connected to place, and collectively seeks to bring about change in both learners and the city.

Primary supervisor: 
Doina Petrescu

Paul Chatterton (University of Leeds)

Date started:  04/10/2021

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