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Fenty Indarti
School of Architecture
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Graduated in architectural background from the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia (B. Eng) in 2014 and a master in Environmental Design (M.Arch) in 2016 from The University of Nottingham UK, Fenty started her PhD in the School of Architecture in 2022. She is an assistant professor at the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and is responsible for global engagement in the Department of Architecture. She worked in the architecture industry before her academic career in 2019. Her architectural practice predominantly focuses on sustainable architecture design for residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, at ITS she engaged in teaching sustainable design, tropical architecture and environmental studio design.

Fenty’s PhD project focuses on the thermal adaptive control of older people by using the human behavioural perspective. She investigates how thermal control is affected by the contextual conditions of humans and the built environment. Her interest in sustainability is not only bounded to architectural science. She tried to connect the social perspective in achieving thermal comfort. Therefore, she is also involved in a social and cultural history research project on home heating in the UK. This project is a collaboration of the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University involving Romania, the UK, Sweden and Finland. 

Apart from her research, Fenty has been engaging in teaching activities in the School of Architecture and Department of Urban Studies and Planning, including Sustainable Design Studio, Environment and Technology, Planning Design and Development, and Integrated Project.

Research interests

Project title: 
Adaptive Behaviour of Older People to Achieve Thermal Comfort in Traditional Timber Houses in Hot and Humid Climate of Indonesia

Project outline:
The aim of my research is to investigate older people’s adaptive behaviour in controlling the built environment to achieve thermal comfort in traditional timber houses in the hot and humid climate of Indonesia for inclusive adaptability in response to climate change. My research assesses the availability, accessibility, user friendliness, users’ awareness, effectiveness of personal and environmental control for older people.

Primary supervisor:
Dr Sally Shahzad (Wyville)

Dr Wen-Shao Chang