New project to explore the impact universities can make in cities

We are working with partners across Europe to set up local hubs which will imagine new and inclusive futures for our cities.

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Research investigates potential hazards when driving in fog

To drive safely we need to be able to process visual information effectively. A recent experiment aimed to investigate how well we can see potential hazards when driving, after dark, in fog.

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New generation of sound planners could transform urban environments

A recent report from a major European research project provides the techniques, tools, knowledge and skills to better plan the sound environment of our cities.

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Our research

We aim to shape national research agenda and policy on the built environment and proactively address public and professional needs. Our research is grouped into three main areas.

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Research groups
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World-leading talent

As one of the UK’s top 4 research schools we attract excellent national and international researchers who all contribute to a thriving research environment.

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Partnerships and collaborations

Our work with key partners, from leading architectural practices and professional organisations to community groups and regional authorities, keeps us at the forefront of innovative architectural research. We have profiled some case studies of our collaborative working.

Case study: Stories of Change> Case study: Insurgent Regeneration> Case Study: Designing for Wellbeing in Environments for Later Life >
Building local resilience