Design, Engagement and Practice

About us

The Design, Engagement and Practice Research Group is interested in experimentation and collaboration in the broad field of architecture and design. Through research, advocacy, action and engagement we explore the role of design and architecture in purposeful societal and systemic change.

Researchers in this group are working with an expanded notion of design, with an understanding of the architect as a catalyst for social change and innovation and with an approach that works in partnership with different disciplines, and a range of communities and industries. All of the group's projects are underpinned by the tools, processes, methodologies and knowledges of design.

The Design, Engagement and Practice researchers have expertise in the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Co-production
  • Public space
  • Gender and architecture
  • Design for climate change
  • Culture and climate change
  • Design theory, practice and methodologies

Selection of current projects

Optimising Care Delivery Models to Support Ageing-In-Place (ODESSA)

Funding: ESRC (UK), ANR (France) and NSFC (China), €1 million

This three-year venture will work with people who are over the traditional retirement age of 60 to find new and innovative ways of adapting a person’s home so that they can live independently for longer and avoid going into residential care as well as making it easier for them to access public services.

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Stories of Change, Future Works

Funding: AHRC Connected Communities, £122k

Future Works is focused on the connections between energy, industry and community in the Derwent Valley region and is co-producing ‘stories of change’ with employers and employees, apprentices and volunteers at a range of factory sites.

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Experimental Co-Design Approaches (ECoDA)

Funding: H2020 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, 156K

The aim of this research project is to create an open-source platform for enhancing urban resilience. Specifically, the project involves the prototyping of digital tools and processes for shared knowledge production that can enable civic practices of resilience to emerge and multiply.

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PhD students and projects

Our School has one of the largest groups of architecturally based research students in the UK. We are renowned for the quality of our PhD programmes and have a vibrant Graduate School that enjoys strong links to our research groups.

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Postgraduate Research Activitites

Funders and collaborators

Research carried out in this group is funded by by many organisations and reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our work.

  • AHRC
  • Horizon2020 Marie Curie
  • Ashden Trust
  • Jerwood Charitable Trust
  • Innovate UK
  • ARUP
  • CITU Developments
  • Bauman Lyons Architects
  • Bolsover District Council
  • ISRF