People, Environments and Performance

About us

The People, Environments and Performance Group supports research into the design of interior and outdoor spaces for people, and how their perceptions and performance are affected by changes in environmental stimuli.

The approaches to research include laboratory experiments, field surveys and simulations. Researchers in the group have expertise in lighting, digital design, environmental design and timber structures.

Selection of projects

HAROLD: HAzards, ROad Lighting and Driving

Funding: EPSRC, £1.2M

The aim of this research is to improve drivers’ ability to detect hazards, with a focus on detecting pedestrians, using road lighting and active visibility aids. The project is led by Professor Steve Fotios in collaboration with Leeds University Institute of Transport Studies

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Unlocking the potential for model-predictive control in building energy management

Funding: EPSRC, £100K

Current methods for controlling building systems are poor at anticipating the demand for heating, ventilating and cooling to meet occupants’ needs. A team of researchers from the School of Architecture and Departments of Civil and Electrical Engineering will develop and test a new Model Predictive Control Algorithm to control heating, ventilating and cooling systems in buildings

Research making an impact

Road Lighting

Road Lighting for Pedestrians

Our lighting research has led to new national and international guidance on the colour of road lighting and is now focusing on how much light is needed to enable pedestrians to walk safely, and to feel safe.

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Sound source recognition techniques

This project explored how industry can utilise the innovative sound source recognition technique in noise management, to minimise the construction noise impact to nearby residents.

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PhD students and projects

Our School has one of the largest cohorts of architecturally based research students in the UK. We are renowned for the quality of our PhD programmes and have a vibrant Graduate School that enjoys strong links to our research groups.

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Postgraduate Research Activitites