Laura Turner

Our social ethos has influenced Laura's design work on the BA Architecture course.

Project by Laura Turner

Why did you decide to study this course at Sheffield?

Out of the other schools I was considering, Sheffield had the most exciting sounding studio briefs. I was also impressed by the studio spaces with the beautiful views over Sheffield and the dedication of the staff.

What have you enjoyed about the course?

While I love the work I do on the course, I have mostly enjoyed the social aspect. Not only have I met my best friends on the course, but the whole atmosphere is very supportive - a family away from home!

There are many opportunities to explore all kinds of routes, so you can become the kind of designer you want to be

Laura Turner

BA Architecture undergraduate student

What skills have you gained while studying in Sheffield?

As well as a strong set of creative design skills, I have developed my time management, people skills and leadership skills. In particular, team working has massively contributed to all of these abilities and I can confidently solve design problems and communicate my work to a range of different people.

How do you think your degree experience will help you in your career?

The degree has had its challenges and learning to overcome these is a great thing to be able to do as an architect. It has developed my confidence and has encouraged me to have my own design style which will help me stand out in job applications.

How has studying at Sheffield informed the way you think about the subject?

Sheffield's strong social ethos has filtered into my design work. I think sensitively about how my designs might help improve communities and the lives of others. We also have a diverse range of lectures throughout the course, and there are many opportunities to explore all kinds of routes, so you can become the kind of designer you want to be.

What career aspirations do you currently have for after you graduate?

I aspire to do my Part 1 placement year before continuing to my Masters.

What advice would you give to a new Sheffield student?

My advice would be to get involved with everything you can, be open minded and push yourself!

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

As a city, Sheffield is full of hidden gems which you will discover as you do each project. It's a very friendly, safe city which feels like home almost immediately, and the Peaks are just on your doorstep.