Clearing profile - Jenny Upton, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology

Applying through Advance Registration for Clearing was a huge stress reliever for Jenny – it was just a few hours after she called on results day that she was offered a place at Sheffield.


The university application process had a surprising outcome for me. Before my exams I was looking at going to the University of Cambridge, who required A*A*A for  the mechanical engineering course, and I was determined to get in. However, my exams passed and I wasn’t filled with confidence that I’d performed well.

I spent the first half of the holidays not thinking about my exams, but as results day loomed closer I couldn’t shake the feeling that I hadn’t done enough to get into my first or insurance choice.

My parents thought I was being ridiculous, but I was convinced I would get A*AB – which would put me in Clearing.

Whilst I was researching Clearing, an ad popped up for Advance Registration at the University of Sheffield. I hadn’t previously applied or looked at Sheffield, but I knew it was Russell Group so I was surprised to see that I might be able to get into such a good University.

I looked at the Clearing courses and instantly found a MEng Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology course that I loved the sound of. It seemed perfect. Within a few minutes I’d applied for it – all they asked for was my predicted grades, personal details and other things that were on my original UCAS form, so applying was really quick and easy.

When results day came, I got what I’d expected to get: A*AB, and my UCAS said that I was instantly in Clearing. I called my insurance university first to ask them to reconsider, but it took so long to get through that by the time I reached the department they told me that the course had just been filled a few minutes earlier. I was crushed but began to call other universities on my list. One university told me they wanted AAB through Clearing but when I called they said they had raised it to A*AA, and wouldn’t talk to me.

However, when I called the University of Sheffield - who I got through to quicker than any other university I called - they were amazingly friendly and efficient. I told them I’d applied for Advance Registration and they said they would call me back within a few days to inform me whether they could offer me a place or not. It was only a few hours later that I got the call offering me a place on the course that I wanted.

Jenny Upton

When I called the University of Sheffield (who I got through to remarkably quicker than any other universities I called) they were amazingly friendly and efficient.

Jenny Upton

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology

Not only was Advance Registration a huge stress reliever but they also offered me a place on the Clearing open day the very next day. The event was really well planned and I got to meet with a lot of people who reassured me that I was going to fit in well in Sheffield. I also met a lady who organised for us to come back the next day to have a tour of the accommodation and the department.

The University were so attentive that I had secured my place for September just two days after results day, applied for accommodation and seen more of the University of Sheffield than I had of any other university!

The guaranteed accommodation was a huge relief. Trying to prepare for a university after Clearing was quite a lot to handle but the knowledge that I would be in halls like other students was reassuring. I wasn’t forced to take any particular accommodation that was left, I had a choice about living in the city centre or in Endcliffe halls, and whether I was catered or not.

My time at Sheffield has been incredible. I’ve come a long way since that first day at lectures; I was confused and a little nervous, but it’s amazing the type of friends you can make when you finally surround yourself with people as passionate about your subject as yourself. I’ve been on some crazy adventures and I can’t wait to have another three years making amazing memories.

The best thing about Sheffield that I never realised until I came here is that, although it isn’t technically a campus, the city feels like it’s the university. Everywhere you go there are students, especially during Varsity. It always makes me feel an excited buzz and I instantly felt comfortable making my way around - I fitted in. The University really does feel like a big family – clichéd as it may be!

If I were to give one piece of advice to students waiting for their exam results, who think they may have to go through Clearing, it would be plan for all possibilities, but most of all just go with the flow. I never thought I would end up where I am today, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.