Maia Eldridge, Nursing (Adult) BMedSci

Maia Eldridge
Maia Eldridge
Nursing student
Nursing (Adult) BMedSci
Sheffield is a very friendly city with great transport links and the University campus is integrated throughout, so it’s really nice to have lectures at different locations.

I knew I wanted to study in Sheffield because I know the city really well as it’s so close to my hometown of Doncaster.

Sheffield is a very friendly city with great transport links and the University campus is integrated throughout, so it’s really nice to have lectures at different locations.

I doubted myself during my A-levels and wasn’t convinced I’d get good grades, so I didn’t apply to university when my friends did. On results day, I actually did really well, so that was obviously great news and it made me rethink my plans. 

I initially planned to work as a Healthcare Assistant after leaving school to get some experience and move into Nursing later. My application to the University of Sheffield was the only one I made because I knew that I didn’t want to study anywhere else. It’s a respected institution and I knew I’d benefit from the teaching and the experience of the department tutors.

I found the clearing process really simple. I called the University of Sheffield the morning I found out my results and was invited to come for an interview to study Adult Nursing the next day. The School of Nursing got back to me shortly after I interviewed to say I had been successful. I was over the moon and accepted immediately.

Maia Eldridge

I had already decided that I was going to live at home during my time at University, simply because I live close by so the commute was easy, however, I was guaranteed accommodation if required, which I thought was really good especially for those of us who applied later through clearing.

I’ve loved my first year at Sheffield, the city is very easy to navigate, the facilities are exceptional and the lectures are very good. I have felt very supported throughout my time here. University is completely different to college and any concerns I had about adjusting have disappeared and I’ve loved every bit of it.

I think my advice for those who are going to go through clearing this year is to not panic too much. I know this is easier said than done but there is always a way to make it to where you want to be in life. If you find that you did better than predicted that’s fantastic and you should consider applying through clearing and adjustment. It’s a great opportunity for the people who did better than expected (like me) or for those that haven’t quite made their mind up on what or where they want to study. It’s a big decision though so it is important to take your time to ensure it is right for you.  

Here at Sheffield there is a society for literally anything you can think of which is great and a brilliant way to meet new people who have the same interests as you, or to try something new. The Students’ Union is one of the best parts of the University as it has such a community feel to it and everyone is so friendly and helpful too, which is very reassuring. There are loads of places within the Students’ Union to help you navigate University life or staff who can provide advice on pretty much any issue or query you might have. The food choices are excellent too!

Due to COVID 19, lectures have temporarily moved online but I feel my learning is still effective and interactive. Some of the student societies are also running online at the minute because of the lockdown and I would recommend these for students who want to meet new people in the absence of being able to do so as easily in person. My tip to stay social is to just stay in contact with people through things like zoom or google hangouts. I’ve heard of people having virtual parties and online quiz nights and these are great temporary ways of enjoying a social life until we can go back to some level of normality.

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