Student Support Services department

An overview of our student support teams and services.



Student Support Services provides a range of support services that aim to:

  • look after student health and wellbeing
  • enhance students' opportunities for success
  • help students make the most of their time at university
  • contribute positively to the quality of the student experience
  • support recruitment, progression and retention.

We also provide a full range of student administration services and a one-stop-shop for general student-related enquiries.

Our services

Student Support Services draws together the following teams:

Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS)

A central point of triage to help students navigate their support options and agree on a tailored plan of psychological support.

University Counselling Service (UCS)

A confidential service for students with ongoing or persistent difficulties, providing workshops, group sessions, self-help resources and individual counselling sessions following a referral from SAMHS.

Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS)

Support for students who have a disability, long-term mental health or medical condition, or specific learning difficulty.

University Health Service (UHS)

Full NHS GP service to all University of Sheffield students living in the city and their dependants. Additional services include asthma, diabetes, sexual health (including contraception, cervical cancer screening and screening for infection) and eating disorder clinics.

Student Administration Service (SAS)

SAS deals with registration, student records, tuition fees, funding and financial support, examinations and results, progress and student attendance, and appeals, complaints and conduct.

Student Services Information Desk (SSiD)

A one-stop-shop information service for general student-related issues. SSiD aims to answer the majority of student-related enquiries from a single location.

Student Support and Guidance (SSG)

SSG provides support and guidance for students experiencing personal difficulties, preventative support to help students manage their wellbeing, advice for international students, and a Chaplaincy offering care and support to people of all faiths and none.

The support we offer

Mental health 

If students need support for their mental health and wellbeing during their studies, they can register for a triage appointment with our SAMHS service.

Welfare and wellbeing

Our Central Welfare and Guidance team provides mentoring for students. Our team also provides support for students experiencing significant diffulties such as bereavement, serious ill health, bullying or sexual violence, harassment or abuse.

Our Student Wellbeing Service helps students manage their wellbeing and succeed at university.

Disability and dyslexia support

We offer support for students who have a disability, long-term mental health or medical condition, or specific learning difficulty through our Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS).

Physical health

All students and their dependants living in the city can access our University Health Service, which provides a full NHS GP service. Additional services include asthma, diabetes, eating disorder and sexual health clinics.

Religion and belief

Our chaplaincy centre provides care and support to people of all faiths and none.


Our Student Administration Service looks after areas such as registration, student records, examinations and results, progress and attendance, appeals, complaints and conduct, and fees and funding.

General enquiries

If students have general enquiries they can go to our Student Services Information Desk (SSiD).

Student Support Committee

Our Student Support Committee meets three times a year to ensure that our support services are:

  • aligned with our University vision
  • in support of academic objectives
  • well-positioned in relation to the broader higher education environment

The committee meets three times a year in October, January and June. The committee is chaired by the Deputy Vice President for Student Experience.

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