Subject Tasters

We have a range of taster videos, created by our tutor team, for you to explore some of the subjects and themes taught on our foundation year courses.

English - Text World Theory

Former foundation year student Gemma introduces the theory of 'Text Worlds', with a practical example of how our knowledge of the world influences how we interpret written texts.

Science and Health - A Study of Genes

Ros explains how possible genetic combinations in guinea pigs can be investigated using a punnet square.

 Science and Health - - Handwashing and Public Health

Lyndsey discusses the history of hand washing, and investigates the public health messages surrounding hand washing as an effective method of controlling disease.

Politics and History - Mystery Object

Sarah shares a mystery object of enormous political and historical significance. Can you guess what it is?

Psychology - A Memory Exercise

Jess explores the concept of memory, and walks through an interactive exercise to show the techniques we use to remember large amounts of seemingly random information.

Maths and statistics - Analysing Everyday Data

Rachel gives an overview of how data is used across all aspects of our lives, and offers some simple guidance for interpreting the data we see.

Humanities - Object Boxes

An object box is a collection of objects, collected and curated by an individual, to represent their experiences or feelings on a particular subject, idea, or moment in time.

We asked some of our students to create an object box as part of their 'Introduction to the Humanities' module. You can view these here.

University Taster Event

Join us on Wednesday 22nd of May 2024 for our university taster event. This is a free event for anyone 21 or over, without traditional university entry qualifications.  

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