Dr Camilla Priede

Department for Lifelong Learning

Programme Director: Foundation Programme. DLL Admissions Tutor.

Admissions Tutor for Foundation Level Provision

Academic lead for Outreach


I joined the Department for Lifelong Learning in 2010, originally combining this role with that of a researcher in the School of Law.
I graduated from the University of Kent in 2009 with a PhD in Biodiversity Management Understanding Landscape Values: A Scottish Highland Case Study.

I also hold an MA in Landscape Archaeology from Sheffield University, and a BSc in Environmental Archaeology from Edinburgh University.

I previously worked as an event organiser for a visitor centre, and this has instilled in me an enduring belief that learning should be both accessible and enjoyable to all.

Research interests

I am an interdisciplinary researcher, I have experience of researching in a variety of fields, including landscape archaeology and anthropology and survey methodology. Central to all of these is a theme of understanding the values which people hold for the world and society which surrounds them, and the development of methods for understanding this.

I am also passionate about communicating research and scholarship to a wider audience, and have held funded events linked to both my research and DLL’s curriculum. These include:

  • ESRC Festival of Social Science 2010 ‘Fear and Loathing in Sheffield’
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science 2011 ‘The Museum of Rock’
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science 2012 ‘Here be Dragons, Mapping a University Landscape’
  • ESRC Festival of Social Science 2014 ‘The Museum of Me’
Teaching activities

I am programme director for Foundation Science, Level 1 Social Science, and the BSc in Natural and Human Environments (NHE) at DLL.

I teach on a number of modules within these courses, including all levels of DLL’s research spine which is shared between all of the department’s degree tracks. I also supervise research projects and dissertations on the NHE programme.



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Non-Refereed Abstracts, Reports & other Publications

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