Dr Christine Winter


School of Education

Honorary Research Fellow

Deputy Director White Rose Doctoral Training Programme Education, Childhood and Youth Pathway

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Dr Christine Winter
School of Education
The Wave
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Research interests


I research the language of curriculum texts (policies, textbooks, lesson plans, classroom resources and students´ work) how it is interpreted and enacted in educational institutions. I investigate and how educational ideas may be rethought, revitalised and enacted in a fair way. I am interested in the nature of knowledge, how it is produced, transformed and promoted through school subjects; the relationships between curriculum policies and curriculum practices and how curriculum influences the identity of students, parents/carers and teachers.

Education and Securitisation

Policies promoting British Values have been introduced recently into English schools. I investigate this curriculum reform in terms of the relationship between education, securitisation and militarisation, how such policies are enacted in practice and their influence on those concerned.

The School Curriculum

I am interested in school Humanities subject knowledge, particularly Geography. The rises and falls in Geography´s status in the curriculum make it an exciting area of research in terms of the kind of knowledge that may or may not be made available to students. I investigate how meaning about Geography arises and the process by which frameworks of meaning become institutionalised. I am interested in developing new ways of knowing, learning and teaching school curriculum subjects, for example, through sculpture and fiction.


Globalisation is highly significant for educationalists at all levels. My main interest lies in the relationship between globalisation and curriculum policy and practice. I pay attention to debates around curriculum policy divergence, convergence and `migration´ related to globalisation. I am interested in how national identity is conceptualised in school texts and policies during contemporary globalised times.


Edited books

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Teaching interests

My teaching is research-led. My research interest is curriculum studies, education policy and globalisation and most of my teaching focuses on these areas. As a former Geography teacher, I relish teaching students from different countries. International, EU and home students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of curriculum systems to share with their classmates and with me.

My teaching strategies are founded on these principles:

  • Making connections with students based on their existing knowledge and experience
  • Building students’ confidence and skills as thinkers and writers
  • Encouraging critical engagement with knowledge on the basis of robust evidence
  • Enthusing students about the contribution they can make to education for a just society through curriculum study
  • Supporting students regarding academic and pastoral concerns
Professional activities and memberships
  • Member of the Geography editorial board and referee for: Cambridge Review of Education, The Curriculum Journal, Journal of Curriculum Studies, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Journal of Education Policy, Journal of Geography in Higher Education, Compass, ESRC.
  • Co-Convenor EERA European Conference in Educational Research Early Career Group network and Policy and Politics of Education network.
  • Deputy Director White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership Education Childhood and Youth Pathway.
  • Co-Director of Centre for Critical Psychology and Education.