Languages PGDE has given me an incredible and very desirable foundation for my teaching career

Conor Hurton PGDE student
Conor Hurton
Languages teacher
PGDE Languages
Conor Hurton reflects on the care and support offered by his tutors on PGDE Languages which has provided the foundation for a career that he loves.

Completing the PDGE course at the University of Sheffield prepared me perfectly for my teaching career. Despite the hardships of learning to teach during the Covid-19 pandemic, the tutors at Sheffield ensured that the quality of learning was always at an excellentstandard, and we, as student teachers, were always offered the best tuition and support available.

The Languages PGDE course supplied me with the pedagogical knowledge required to teach, in addition to the practical experience of teaching, and support was always on hand. Given that the PDGE course is more demanding than a regular PGCE course due to its academic essay requirements, my tutors always offered advice and counsel when approaching essays, and as a result, I was already becoming a reflective practitioner during my training year.

I believe the University of Sheffield’s PGDE course offers an excellent theoretical basis to teaching, fantastic practical placements, considered academic essays to help you think about why and how we teach, whilst also offering support throughout.

It is also worth stating that the support offered was not just restricted to being academic. It was apparent from the very start that the tutors wanted the very best for us during a challenging year (exacerbated by the pandemic) and they often provided check-in meetings on an informal basis where we could share any concerns, worries or struggles. Our tutors really did care about us as people, not just student teachers.

Not only did the PGDE give me a fantastic start to my teaching career, it has also meant that I can continue with my study of teaching and I plan to complete my MA APSE with theUniversity of Sheffield next year.

The Languages PGDE has impacted my life immensely. It has given me an incredible and very desirable foundation for my teaching career, and I truly do love my job.

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