PGDE alumnus wins Rex Walford Award

Rhianne Quigley wins the 2017 Rex Walford award
Rhianne Quigley
Rex Walford Award winner 2017
PGDE in Geography
In her first year of teaching after completing a PGDE, Rhianne won the Rex Walford Award for a scheme of work that explored the importance of place geography within KS3.

Rhianne Quigley is the winner of the 2017 Rex Walford Award. The Rex Walford Award is part of Young Geographer of the Year, a national competition run by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to encourage pupils and newly qualified teachers to engage with geographical issues.

Rhianne completed her PGDE in the School of Education in the summer of 2017. She is in her first year of teaching at Wales High School. Not only was this a brand new school year with all the lesson planning this entails, it also coincided with the start of her MA APSE course at the School of Education.

In answer to the question "What is the geography of your favourite place?" Rhianne created a scheme of work with five lessons, resources, detailed lesson plans and a thesis. The thesis justified her choice of favourite place and further explored the importance of place geography within KS3.

We are so proud that Rhianne chose to rise to this challenge and clearly her passion for teaching and her love of the subject were evident to the judges of the Rex Walford award.

I know that without the support of my university tutors, my geography department, my amazing classes and my ever reliable course friends, I wouldn’t have even thought about entering the Rex Walford award. They have guided me, inspired me, pushed me and made me the teacher I am today.

Rhianne Quigley

Winner, 2017 Rex Walford Award

"I have a lot to thank them for and I hope the award is a reflection on their guidance."

We congratulate Rhianne on this wonderful achievement at the start of what we hope will be an incredible career in teaching.

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