My study to date has been nothing short of transformative

Gareth Bramley EdD student
Gareth Bramley
Current student
Sheffield EdD
Gareth's passion for progressing his understanding for pedagogical theory and practice, and how this could benefit both his students and colleagues led him to the Sheffield EdD.

Given my own journey after completing my law degree and progressing into legal practice (rather than further study) I have always been interested in returning to Doctorate level study at some point. This interest developed into a strong desire after my return to HE as a teaching-focused member of staff and my engagement in pedagogical scholarship as part of this role. It was this passion for progressing my understanding for pedagogical theory and practice, and how this could hopefully benefit both my students and colleagues, that led me to the EdD specifically.

I became interested in the EdD programme at the University of Sheffield because of the international reputation of the programme and the institution. I was also extremely keen to have access to the huge range of research interests and passionate members of staff that the School of Education offers to students undertaking this programme.

Since commencing the EdD in September 2020, I can say that my study to date has been nothing short of transformative. I have already been able to engage very deeply in a wide range of study areas, and feel that I am significantly developing my own skills, particularly of critical thinking and transformative pedagogical practice. In particular I have been very impressed by the level of depth of research aims and areas for further reading, combined with the extremely supportive community of learners and teachers on the programme.

Like all students approaching doctoral study at a later point in my personal and professional life, I had some trepidation about the challenges of fitting the study alongside my full time role together with the nervousness of being able to fully engage and contend with a sophisticated level of pedagogical study. However, I have been welcomed with open arms into a very supportive learning environment, with the EdD journey proving a deeply fulfilling experience.

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