Evaluating Trespass Prevention

EDU - Evaluating Trespass Prevention

Dr Becky Parry was awarded funding from the UKRI National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) to produce a robust evaluative framework, providing Network Rail with the means to assess the impact of their media campaigns and educational interventions to prevent railway trespass on railways, particularly amongst young people in the UK. A group of four digital industry students from Barnsley College participated in a series of arts-based and participatory research workshops co-designed and co-delivered by Dr Ryan Bramley and PhD Candidate, Marion Oveson. The purpose of these workshops was two-fold: to co-produce an evaluation toolkit for past trespass campaigns, and to create a short documentary film of their own on the theme of railway trespass (including youth-led interviews with industrial and academic experts in the field). This evaluation toolkit, alongside a multimodal analysis of past anti-trespass campaign material archived at the National Railway Museum (conducted by Bramley with support from Dr Aneesh Barai), is to be presented to Network Rail and made available to the general public in the form of a project report, due mid-2022. 

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