Education & Psychology research cluster


The Education and Psychology Cluster is an umbrella for a number of different approaches which include both traditional and critical approaches. Whilst these approaches are disparate, they share some fundamental foci and goals, not least, in their attention to building knowledge and understanding of learners, learning and learning contexts; in attending to the barriers and challenges people face in education (in school and beyond), in informing socially just and ethical practice, and in taking a critical stance towards taken-for-granted knowledge in the field. A strength of this cluster is the multiplicity of lenses, and tools it can bring to bear on the same set of topics and its close connection to practice. This is a truly multidisciplinary team which produces exciting and innovative research. In addition to high quality research, psychology underpins postgraduate courses such as our MA Psychology and Education, MSc in Psychology and Education (BPS conversion) and a professional doctorate in Educational Psychology (links). 

This cluster is a key research community that feeds into the work of iHuman with a number of members represented as core members and members of the executive committee. We run a jointly hosted annual online seminar series with iHuman colleagues.

We are broad church representing many different articulations, critiques and applications of psychology in the different educational contexts

Flagship institutes

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