Trustworthy Autonomy Systems (TAS)

Our aims for the project are to interrogate through co-production and makerspaces the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of disabled young people (DYP) in relation to questions of trust, resilience and capacity as they relate to autonomous systems.

Photograph of toy robots lined up against a green background

Trustworthy Autonomy Systems (TAS) are part of our everyday lives. Disabled young people are key end-users and potential co-designers of these future systems, although their experiences and aspirations are rarely acknowledged.

In this interdisciplinary project, we brought together a team of social and computer scientists - to work alongside disabled young people as co-researchers - facilitated by educator researchers: teachers familiar to the young people as their teachers who also worked with us as researchers on this project. Embracing a host of participatory, accessible and innovative research methods, we sought to centralise the expertise and aspirations of disabled young people to address issues of trust, resilience and capacity in relation to autonomous systems.

For a definition of what TAS are, please see here.

For more information, please visit the TAS website.

Young people operating circuitry

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