My Media, My Power, My World: Designing a New Interdisciplinary Primary School Subject

EDU - My Media, My Power, My World

The School of Education's Dr Ryan Bramley and Dr Sabine Little have been awarded funding by the Holistic Think Tank to design a new school subject that can be taught internationally to 6-12 year olds in primary education. Centred on themes of critical thinking and social justice, 'My Media, My Power, My World' will adopt an Inquiry-Based Learning approach, enabling students to pursue knowledge that relates to them and their own interests, rather than those of the school and/or the curriculum. By teaching primary school pupils how to critically engage with a broad range of contemporary media - as well as providing them the skills to create media of their own - this new Interdisciplinary Primary School Subject will prepare young learners for future citizenship within ever-changing digital, virtual, and physical landscapes.

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