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Rewarding, recognising, and valuing student partnerships: a RAISE Partnership SIG event

The University of Sheffield, Wednesday 3rd May 2023, 12.30-17.00

In person only

It seems obvious that value is generated through student partnership activities.  In order for this value to be created, there is labour on the part of the academics, rewarded partly through financial measures and partly through prestige; and labour on the part of the student partners.  How is the student labour recognised and rewarded?  Is it also through finance and prestige; or through academic credit, the promise of skills development (more or less formalised), or exhortations to moral value?  In a busy ecosystem of competing demands on student time, and particularly in the context of a cost of living crisis, what are the mechanisms by which we can recognise their contributions to joint projects where the primary beneficiaries may be staff and other students?

We may not have any magic bullets to solve these dilemmas, but we’re interested in how you’ve experienced and formulated these questions, and the solutions you’ve produced.  We would therefore welcome your contributions, in the forms of short presentations, workshops, and any offers of keynote presentations.  Particularly welcome will be sessions co-created between staff and students, or with students as leaders; and we hope to recognise and reward student contributions to the event through RAISE.  Keynote presentations will be recorded, and materials from the day will be made available to the wider community through the RAISE shared practice database.  We look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield next summer!

Please register hereFor any questions, please contact Tim Herrick at The University of Sheffield:

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