Katherine EastonDr Katherine Easton BSc (Hons) Psych, MRes Psych, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Lecturer in Psychology
MA Programme Lead Critical Psychology and Education
MSc Psychology and Education Lead Social Psychology Module
Director of the MA in Psychology and Education and module coordinator for developmental psychology.

Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 8176
Email: k.a.easton@sheffield.ac.uk

Orcid id https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7162-1109

Dr Easton is an applied social psychologist researching the use of technology for mental health, in particular self-management and recovery for complex comorbidities. Areas of expertise include peer support, conversational agents, artificial intelligence, student mental health, recovery approaches, co-design research methods and evaluation.



Katherine is the Director of the MA in Psychology and Education (EDUT181) and Module Leader for ‘Social Psychology and Practice’ and ‘Difference, disability and diversity in psychology and education’ on the MSc in Psychology and Education as well as Module Coordinator for developmental psychology EDU 6349.

She has supervised numerous Masters Dissertations.
Areas of teaching expertise include:

  • Social Psychology
  • Critical psychology
  • Behaviour change
  • Personality theories
  • Developmental psychology
  • Quantitative and qualitative research design & methods
  • Literature searching
  • Systematic review methods
  • Ethics and governance
  • Technology in healthcare
  • Health Psychology

She enjoys group work, blended learning and distance learning and also delivers educational sessions to lay groups, service-users and patients/public.



Her research interests lie in addressing health inequalities for vulnerable groups, particularly those with mental health needs, the elderly and individuals with long-term conditions, with a focus on the psychosocial barriers and benefits of innovative digital technologies. She specialise in facilitating and develop collaborations with industrial partners and research into the co-design, user testing, realistically evaluation and implementation of technology supported health and social care services. Katherine collaborates widely across the University and with charity and NHS organisations nationally.

Examples of current and recent projects include:

Internet of things for supported goal setting and recovery in mental health

Co-designing and testing the acceptability of a virtual agent to support self-management for
individuals living with physical and mental comorbidities. 

Exploring adverse events and benefits of using online peer support to improve mental health in
collaboration with National Mind.

National research priority setting for digital technologies and mental health Identifying research
priorities for digital technology in mental health care: results of the James Lind Alliance Priority
Setting Partnership.



Chartered member of the British Psychological Society

  • Founder of the Mental Health and Technology research network at the University of Sheffield
  • Honorary Researcher at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • President of the British Lung Foundation Sheffield breathe easy support group
  • Reviewer for the British Journal of Psychiatry, British Journal of Medicine, Quality of life and
  • Health outcomes.


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Recent funding

Delivery of sustainable low intensity mental health interventions, training and mental health promotion in Northern Uganda. QR GCRF Institutional partners award £50,000 Thompson, (2018-2019)

Sept 2018

New Mind phase 2 feasibility funding ‘Building and Testing a Demonstrator System for the AI Empathy Agent (CI) £30,000 Awarded

Aug 2018

Pitch-in mini project ‘Breaking social barriers to the use of Internet of Things for mental healthcare’ (PI) £54,033 Awarded

June 2018

Wellcome Trust public engagement bid (PI) TechnoTherapies: Artificially intelligent technology for mental healthcare £201,163 Unsuccessful

Nov 2017

Research Stimulation fund ScHARR development of a Wellcome Trust public engagement bid (PI) £2,000 Awarded

Nov 2017

SBRI New models of Mental Health Call. (CI) A digital platform to promote engagement in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) £76,652 Unsuccessful

Mar 2017

YH CLAHRC Research Capacity Funding Connected Mental Health (CI) Avatars for emotional support in COPD. £34,040 Awarded

May 2017

Sheffield Health and Social Care Research Capability Funding. Technology Assisted Recovery Goal Elicitation and Transaction (TARGET) – preparatory work (CI) £20,000 Awarded

June 2017

GCRF pump priming Application - Improving mental health and reducing stigma through technology and peer providers of self-help in LMICs. (co-PI) £1000 Awarded

Mar 2017

Sheffield Borough Council - Sheffield online mental health guide with Recovery Enterprises (CI), £350,000 Awarded