The course was very fulfilling

Yan Zhou
Yan Zhou
MSc alumni
MSc Psychology and Education (Conversion)
MSc Psychology and Education (Conversion) student Yan's desire to help young people with psychological problems led her to this course.

Last summer I finished my Bachelors degree and then started my Masters degree at the University of Sheffield. Compared to the bustling metropolis, I prefer a quiet city, which is one of the reasons why I chose Sheffield. I moved from nursing to psychology and education.

Apart from the reason of personal interest, I think the pain of the body will eventually dissipate, but the pain of the mind is often remembered. Why more and more social news reported that teenagers suffer from psychological problems?

Although I don’t believe I can heal other people’s hearts just through one year, I hope to learn about why and how they suffered by psychological illness from this course. 
The course was very fulfilling. It went from a wide range of psychological backgrounds to research methods and statistical analysis techniques and backed to the various branches of psychology. 

After the class, I joined in voluteering activities. Every week I went to a local primary school and played with children. By getting along, I found out that Chinese and English children do have a lot of different personalities and habits. I also attended in Student Union as Education counsellor.
This year's study has established a basic understanding of educational psychology and a rich theoretical reserve for me.

I feel that I have some misunderstanding of written theories which is because I have not been exposed to similar cases in reality. Therefore, I hope that in the future I will have a chance to understand their inner activities at a deeper level by working with children and young people. In general, this year's harvest is a lot, I will miss this time.  

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