Annual publication of Endowment Investment Funds 2018-19

The University is committed to the implementation of the Endowment Investment Policy.

As at 31 July 2019 the University held a total of £46.0m of endowment funds:

£36.2m of endowment funds were within the University of Sheffield Endowment Pool; consisting of £21.8m of Restricted Permanent Endowment Funds, £8.6m of Unrestricted Permanent Endowment Funds and £5.8m of Restricted Expendable Endowment Funds. In addition, £6.5m of the University’s own Fixed Asset Investments are held within this pool, totalling £42.7m. The University of Sheffield Endowment Pool was reviewed by the Investment Group to ensure its compliance with the Endowment Investment Policy.

£4.5m was held within the Yorkshire Cancer Endowment Pool. The funds are held by Yorkshire Cancer Research directly, so are not subject to the University policy.

£4.9m of endowment accumulated income was held as cash with the University of Sheffield’s banker.

£0.1m of endowment funds received by the University prior to the year end, held as cash and invested by Sarasin & Partners just after the year end.

£0.3m of endowment funds held with Hargreaves Lansdown. These funds are separated into two pools:

  • 48% within the main fund (Twikker income fund) managed by the original donor with interaction with the University of Sheffield Investment Society
  • 52% within the student fund (Twikker student fund) managed by the fund group within University of Sheffield Investment Society with oversight by the original donor