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The Department of History takes pride in its engagement with the wider community. We draw on our research to collaborate with a range of partners in many different ways. To find out about the principles that underpin this collaboration, you can read our public engagement strategy. If your organisation would like to work with us, please do get in touch.


Schools and Colleges

Our students and staff have strong relationships with schools and colleges both nationally and locally.

If your school would like to participate, or if you simply want to find out more about what we do, you can read more about it on our schools pages.

Community Engagement

The University of Sheffield is an institution with global perspectives, but it remains proud of its civic roots.

The Department is committed to playing an active role in the city, and has developed collaborations and partnerships with various associations in and around Sheffield, ranging from museums and art galleries to Americana bands and campaign groups. Find out more.

Public History, Media and Policy

Our historians can frequently be heard and seen in the national and international media, contributing to current debates about the past and its role in contemporary society. Members of the department contribute to the History and Policy website, serve as advisors to national examination boards, and play a full role in professional historical bodies.

Lectures and Events

Our historians are regular participants in local, national and international events. The Department also runs frequent seminars, talks and other events which are open to the public. If you are interested in history and would like to come find out more, see our list of events. If your organisation is looking for a speaker or would like to work with our historians, you can find out about our research interests on our staff pages.

Digital History

Sheffield has an outstanding reputation in the digital humanities, and we have been involved with some of the most important online history projects of recent years. Many of our resources are freely available. For more on our digital history projects and free access to a range of primary sources, visit our digital history pages.

History Matters blog

A blog from the Department of History. Discover cutting-edge research, the history behind the headlines, and why we think history really matters. The blog was shortlisted for History Today‘s Digital History Prize in 2014 and the History Today Editor Paul Lay praised "its provocative mix of contributions from academics, students, museum and heritage practitioners, always eager to contribute to current debates.”