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Ivan Atamanagara
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Ivan Atmanagara
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I got my Masters degree in New Media and Society (MA) from University of Leicester in 2011 with dissertation on the role of new media and online protests. Professionally, I have been working in the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MCI) for 14 years and now serve as a policy analyst.

The intersection of technologies and society is at the heart of my research interests. I joined the Information School as a full-time doctoral student in October 2022. I'm working on a project investigating the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

PhD project

Title: "The Networking Process of Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises"

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) remain a critical area of study, particularly in the midst of rapid advance of digital technologies and the proliferation of digital business opportunities.

SMEs are still a major contributor to national economy—they create jobs, trade, and spur innovation and entrepreneurship. However, most are still lagged behind their bigger competitors in terms of effective use of digital technologies and are threatened to be left behind.

Although SMEs have been studied extensively, most literature tends to emphasise the post-adoption phase, with limited set of quantitative metrics, and rarely interrogates the relation between technologies and SMEs and how the actors navigate unprecedented challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer's shifting attitude toward ecommerce.

This project attempts at investigating the process of digital transformation of SMEs in a developing nation context through process/practice perspective using qualitative approach and actor-network theory. It will contribute to enriching the IS literature by exploring the often ignored socio-technical dynamics in organisations.


Funding and awards

Doctoral Scholarship from Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (2022)

Research interests
  • Digital transformation in organisation
  • New media and society