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Tyas Darmaningrat
Information School
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I have been working as a junior lecturer in the Department of Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia, since 2012. I have a Master's in Business Administration from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). A Bayesian-Based Model Applied to Task Accuracy Prediction: A Call Centre Agent Dialog Case Study was the subject of my dissertation.

PhD project

Title: Developing an Information Security Policy Framework: A Case Study of Surabaya Smart City, Indonesia

The use of information technology by the government is generally associated with the term smart city. The conception of a smart city involves the use of sophisticated information technology by the government to fully comprehend the components and operational condition of the city. Provision of public services by the governing bodies involves information sharing within the government institutions and external entities. The information sharing practice raises concerns about data security and privacy in its implementation. Protection of information security is important to reduce various possible violations including those about personal or sensitive information.

This study aims develop a framework that can help government institutions develop effective information security policies. This study will use real organisation experiences to comprehend the actual problems with creating ISPs. The ISP framework proposed by Cram et al. (2017) present thorough organisational ISP processes which reflect best practices from practical and academic studies. The framework will be used a starting point and be extended to develop an ISP in a smart city context. In a smart city context, the stakeholders of ISP development will be more diverse than those in an institutional context. Therefore, this study will learn how the organisational framework of ISP development can be expanded into the smart cities’ context. 


Research interests

My research interests revolve around IT Governance, e-Government, IT Risk Management, and IT Project Management.

  • Doctoral Scholarship from Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (2021-2025)